So, we don't know if you're as fascinated by twins as we are, but at Montiel Records, the genetic phenomenon is fascinating to us. Particularly when we consider, that when music runs in the family, magic, can often be made. 

After some hard thought and our good old friend, Google, we have put together a list of songs/artists who you may or may not have known, have a twin.

1) Differences - Coco & Breezy

Aside from being incredibly multi-talented, these ladies found their recognition and earned major cred in the fashion industry, created "the third eye" sunglasses for the late Prince, and have been featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. These two can be found DJ'ing at the next coolest party and let's be real, is there really such a thing as an "it" girl because we're in agreement that it should be plural. 

2) Untouched - The Veronicas

Ah yes, 2007, how could we ever forget? The year when we had great hits like "Umbrella," by Rihanna, "Grace Kelly" by Mika, or what about "Beautiful Liar," by Beyonce featuring Shakira, low and behold Australia's rocker chic twins burst into the scene with their strangely addictive song. Interestingly enough, it was also the same year Avril Lavigne released "Girlfriend," and honestly we are still salty about the rumour that Avril might actually be dead and has a doppleganger pretending to be here. JK. But are we...?

3) Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

This song was originally written for the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack and is one of the Bee Gee's signature songs. Robin and Maurice Gibb, twin brothers, along with their brother Barry, reigned the disco scene in the 60's and 70's. 

4) I Just Wanna Live - Good Charlotte

Joel and Benji Madden, started their band with their high school friends and basically lived the teenage dream, "guyliner" and all. These twins, have strikingly similar timbres and recently toured with Jon Bellion, the mastermind behind "All Time Low." 

5) I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

Charlie and Craig Reid, identical twins from Scotland, stole everyone's hearts with their Scottish accents with their signature style of singing. These lads toured with legends like The B-52s and have released ten studio albums since and are actually on tour this year. 

6) Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley

Not everyone knows this, but Elvis, actually was born a twin. His brother, Jesse, was stillborn and ended up changing the world with his iconic hip action. Interestingly enough, he never toured outside of the US, but also found massive success with his acting career, all carefully orchestrated by his not so legal Dutch manager, aka "The Colonel," Tom Parker, who many blame for Elvis' sad demise.

7) I Was A Fool - Tegan and Sara

For all those that haven't had the luxury of going through a lesbian anxst/heartache, please meet Tegan and Sara. These Canadian natives, have been making girls swoon since they were 15, and actually used to go by "Sara and Tegan." Aside from being incredibly cool, they have most recently started "The Tegan and Sara Foundation," and can often be found discussing their experience of being women in music and advocating for change. 


8) Leave Right Now - Will Young

Britain's Pop Idol sweetheart, Will Young, was the first ever Idol winner back in 2002, the year of the palindrome. Not many people know, but Will has a twin named Rupert. Will, has had a fine career, and become a treasure to the LGBT community, not only being the first Idol winner, but also the first to openly come out as gay. Sadly enough, it came to light, that Will, was told to re-record "Leave Right Now" by his label as he was accused of sounding "to gay." The song hit number 1 in the charts, and was Eg White, author of the song, was awarded an Ivor Novello award for "Best Song Musically and Lyrically."


9) No Pressure Over Capuccino

Ironically enough,(hehehehe) Alanis Morisette, also has a twin, and they're also both Canadian, like the talented Tegan and Sara. Alanis released her MTV Unplugged live album, featuring "No Pressure Over Capuccino," allegedly about her brother Wade, who also makes music, teaches yoga and is a pubished author.  

10) I Want Candy - Aaron Carter

Just when you thought you had forgotten all about Aaron Carter, we are here to set the record straight. Firstly, Aaron's version, was a cover of The Strangeloves' song "I Want Candy," originally released in the 1965, reaching no.11 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Secondly, not only was Aaron brother's with Nick Carter of "The Backstreet Boys," but also has a twin called Angel. She and her brother, are said to be very close and he actually walked his sister down the aisle in 2014.